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  • Francis George
  • Photographer

French native, Francis George, believes that photography is in a perpetual state of change. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. George appreciates the evolution photography has taken through the years and has embraced the digital revolution whole-heartedly. Mr. George started his career in Cannes photographing celebrities during the yearly film festival for Cinema Magazine. With the combination of traditional and modern techniques, Mr. George’s masterful command of light, film, and the digital media helped produce countless award-winning images.

  • Francis R. Baytan
  • Digital Artist + Photo Manipulator

Digital artist, Francis Baytan, started his career in analog. Paints, pencils, and paper eventually led to mice, tablets, and Macintosh computers. Mr. Baytan’s resume includes creative positions in Advertising and Film & Television Production. Mr. Baytan has helped film and television directors envision their projects with storyboard illustration. He has also produced strong brand identities for products and companies. He is currently developing a scripted comedy for television.